Architecture is a collaborative art. Architecture is never one thing; it is a combination of possibilities. Many architecture schools function as academies, pampering a definite way, insistent about one mode of aesthetic expression and one way of doing architecture, convincing students in adapting certain ideologies. But today’s ideologies become old tomorrow. Singular systems of design are no substitute for methodologies; our responsibility is to see architecture from many sides; most of all, our responsibility is to think problems through. We will not encourage a definite theory, rather we will keep open the doors of perception to the wide world of diversity. We are open to questions and accept disagreements. A university is about open questions and not about definitive answers.

The first obligation of an architecture institute is to have its own discipline and identity. But that does not mean that architecture can be studied in a separation or independently. We reach outside our field, people and our institute in many ways. We ask critics, artists, environmentalists, sociologists, and others to share their ideas with us. Architecture is not a beauty contest or a style war. Beneath the so called high glamour façade of aesthetic debate lies the fertile common ground on which a life-time of work in architecture is begun: we must focus on how buildings work, how the user fits into the picture, how the systems are integrated–how the building is built. Architecture constantly builds and rebuilds our world. There are many ways of making architecture with many more no doubt to come.

The human capacity for imaginative invention is limitless but in the end, there are certain standards that always define quality. To thrive as art, architecture must take risks; a calculative risk. Ignoring the basics is not to make art out of building but to insult architecture up to certain extent. Great architecture is much more than pretty shapes and fancy graphics. The art of building is very different from a romp through the sandbox of media hype. Architecture is construction, context and so much more: for those who chose to be architects, it is a culture, a commitment and a lifelong path to discovery. I welcome my first batch of Institute of Architecture 2015 ending with this note. Let’s make this journey a memorable one. Thanking you all for visiting this page and looking forward for fruitful association with you.